Columbarium:  The columbarium is now completed. We still need funds to pay for the work done and we are soliciting your help.  Examples are gates on each side of the Grotto @ $4000 each; 7 x plaques to have a Saint’s name placed on each wall.  Cost @ $220 each; 1000 plastic containers; total cost $3000.  The Tree of Life (tba).  Shortly, we’ll be giving out flyers to ask for your kind donation.  We are selling “bricks” @ $5 each which says “I bought a brick for the columbarium”.  Thank you to the parishioners who have donated 2 marble statues, 2 angel statues and Simplicity Funerals who made a substantial contribution. Please contact Ray Tan 61883679 (h), 0412698852 if you have any queries.

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