Safeguarding children and young people: Our parish has an active and effective procedure that supports child protection. Every volunteer/staff member who is directly involved with children in our parish needs a valid Working With Children card. Our ministry leaders are the most important part of this process as they keep the office up to date with the names and details of new and inactive volunteers. We have a data base to handle this and it is manned by a volunteer. This is fully supported by Fr Cyp, Fr Truc and our parish council.

Working With Children Renewals: Many of our parish volunteers cards are due to expire in the New Year. Please be proactive and complete a new WWC application so that you remain compliant. All OLM volunteers working in ministries and directly associated with children need a WWC Card. This is the LAW. Thank you to all of our ministry leaders who have followed up with those members whose registration has lapsed. Also please contact the office when someone LEAVES or JOINS the ministry. Please give us a copy of your current WWC card if it has been provided via another employer e.g. school if you have not already done so.

We have been notified by the Archdiocese that all special ministers now need a working with children card.  Please get an application form from the office if you are a special minister.