I AM A NEW PARISHIONER: WHAT DO I DO??? After Mass Fr Cyp and/or Fr Francis would love to meet you so please introduce yourself. If you go to our INFORMATION DESK which is in the foyer of our Church, a friendly volunteer will welcome you personally and give you a New Parishioner Bag which is a complementary gift from our parish. In that bag is some information about our parish, including a Blue Groups Information Booklet, a fridge magnet, name badge order form and many other things that can help you. Please fill in a CENSUS CARD to join our parish officially. And………..Welcome!!!!!!!

Information Desk:  New parishioners please make your way to our Information Desk (near Religious Goods Stall) after Mass and one of our friendly volunteers will give you a FREE sample bag with lots of parish goodies inside.  If you would like to join our parish fill in a Census card and please see a volunteer if you would like to book a baptism.

Blue Book:  The Parish Groups Information Booklet 2023 is a FREE publication and lists all the ministries we have here at OLM.  Take one home with you to read at your leisure.