Fr Joe Writes: Forgiveness

Fr Joe’s Message:   Forgiveness

Some of Jesus’ contemporaries were amazed at his spirit of forgiveness.  Had we heard his words and seen his actions, would we have been amazed too?  Forgiveness comes hard to us.  And whenever we tend to think that God is like we are, we think that his forgiveness is too good to be true.

Jesus forgave prostitutes and thieves.  He even forgave Peter who denied him, and those who put him on the cross.  Would there be any reason to doubt that his compassionate love touches us too?  And if this is true, what does this say about the need for us to be compassionate and forgiving toward others?

Let us pray: “Lord Jesus, the only ones who don’t receive your forgiveness are those who don’t want it.  I believe that you are a forgiving God because that’s who you say you are.  Deepen my faith in your compassionate forgiveness, and help me to imitate you in forgiving others.  Amen”.






















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