Fr Joe Writes: Why Me?

Fr Joe Writes:  Why Me?

God has called each of us to be signs of love, to embody the Gospel in our families, among our friends, where we work.  When the call becomes difficult, when people refuse what we offer them, then perhaps we wonder, why me?  There may be no answer, other than the free, loving will of God who invites us to share in his work.  God’s invitation, a sign of his trust, always carries with it the power to do what is asked.  Our dignity lies in the fact that we are invited to share in the work of Jesus, and that we are called to be like him, looking at the success of our work not through our eyes, but through his.

Let us pray: “Lord Jesus, I hear your call to follow you and I ask, “Why me?”  I have sometimes asked this from a feeling of frustration, but now I want to ask it from a sense of wonderment and awe.  Why have you chosen me to share in your work?  Can it be that you chose me simply because you love me?  Amen.”






















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