Parking during Mass: Work has commenced!

IMPORTANT – Parking during Mass:  Please, please, please park in Albion Park for the next few weeks during all Masses especially if you are fit and able as at the moment we have so few spaces around the church.  That way the older parishioners can park near the church.  Listen to the people who are directing the traffic. The entrance to Albion Park is on the right hand side of Father’s house, ie., church car park on one side and the alley to the park on the other side.  Please do not contravene parking laws and do not park on the verges – the rangers are around even on a Sunday!  Let’s be considerate to our neighbours – it is only for a short time while the road works are being completed.  Thank you.

Update on Roadway & Car Park Project: At last, work has recommenced on our roadways and car park with a new construction company TRICON having been awarded the contract last week.  Let us all pray that all will go well till the project is delivered to us.

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