Glory Be Café: after 8:00am and 9:30 Masses

Glory Be Café: Remember the Glory Be Café is open after both the 8.00am Mass and the 9:30am Mass this week.  Please join us after for a cuppa, cake and a chat in the church hall.

Glory-Be-Café – Thank you: Joy, Alan, Kathy, Mike and Alma extend grateful thanks to all our wonderful bakers, servers and the many friends who support our Sunday morning  get-togethers for tea/coffee and to sample the many delicious goodies supplied, while enjoying a happy, social event.  Your continued support is much appreciated and money raised goes to a very worthwhile cause helping those less fortunate than ourselves.  Anyone new who would like to join us after Mass is assured of a very warm welcome, so don’t be shy and come on down.

Glory-Be-Café – Rosters: Just a note to our lovely volunteers who bake and/or serve regularly.  New Rosters are due from end May. If anyone is unable to continue, or if anyone new wishes to join our baking/serving teams, could you please contact Pam on 9401 4160 or text 0488 457 538.  Many thanks and God Bless for your on-going support.



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