Planned Giving New Year: The new year for the Planned Giving starts on the 1st July 2018 and if you have been thinking of joining now would be a good time to start.   If you join the parish planned giving program then you are planning to support our church financially.  We are a family and we need to budget, just like you do in your family.  We plan for the future as well as trying to live day by day. By committing to give your nominated amount our finance committee are then able to plan for our future and pay the bills today.  We are self-funded and we rely on your support to run our family/parish effectively

Planned Giving:  Where does your money go? 1st Collection & Easter Offering Envelopes: This money goes to pay our priests’ allowance.  A percentage of the 1st collection goes to helping priests in smaller parishes so that they too can receive their basic allowance. 2nd Collection: This is the money you put in your planned Giving Envelopes and any loose cash put into the 2nd Collection baskets. This money maintains our presbytery, church, office, parish centre and pastoral group expenses. Join any time by filling in a pledge card at the information desk.

Thinking about doing direct debit? Just tick the box on the Pledge card or call our office and we’ll send you out the paperwork.  DD’s can only be made from cheque or savings accounts. Direct Debit takes the worry out of finding your cash each week to put into the envelope. It may suit you…so please consider.

NEW ENVELOPES for 2018/2019 will shortly be ready for COLLECTION from the Church foyer.