Glory Be Café: after 8:00am Mass

GB Cafe Baker’s Roster Sunday 10th Feb: We kindly ask our wonderful Bakers rostered on this date to bake as per usual. Thank You.

Glory Be Café:  The Glory Be Café is still open after the 8.00am Masses so please pop down and say hello and taste the cakes that the bakers bake for us.  See you there!

Glory Be Café: rosters are now due and will soon be available for next year.  If anyone wants to join us bakers making cakes or servers you are most welcome.  Rosters are for 1 Sunday a month.  A big thank you to bakers for all the goodies that have been coming in and to the servers for helping out.  It is much appreciated.  Call Pam 9401 4160 or 0488 457 538 or Joy on 0404 268 771.

Glory Be Café: Open after the 8am Mass. Please pop down for some fellowship and enjoy a coffee, tea and home cooked goodies.  All this for a $2 donation.

Glory Be Café: Help Needed: Can you spare up to an hour after 8.00am Mass or 9.30am Mass once a month only to help serve and/or clean up? It would very much appreciated.  Please contact Joy 0404 268 771 or Pam 9401 4160. Thank you.

Help Needed in the Glory Be Café:  We thank our many dedicated bakers and servers for their ongoing contributions of delicious goodies and time which enable the Glory Be Café to operate smoothly.  Also to the Wonderful gentlemen who dismantle tables and re-stack chairs afterwards.  Your help is so appreciated.  However, due to family and other circumstances we are currently a little short of servers and would welcome any new volunteers including any year 10 students who would be interested in helping the 8.00am Mass or 9.30am Mass each month.  This is a great confidence builder and we would love to hear from you.  Please contact Joy 0404 268 771 or Pam 9401 4160.





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