Spiritual and Counselling Referral Service: Recovering from Loss & Grief:

Spiritual and Counselling Referral Service:  Need help with managing grief?  Many Catholics in our Archdiocese are struggling with grief. The Archdiocese of Perth has established the following contact number 0432 541 588.  If you need help finding professional support for grief please call so that we can help you find appropriate assistance.

Recovering from Loss & Grief: As a community, we continue to search for answers and healing from our recent unimaginable loss and the associated difficult circumstances. In our endeavour to stay strong, faithful to the Gospel and to our community life, we are hosting a prayerful evening of healing and remembrance on Wednesday, 29th May at 7pm here in the church led by Rev Sister Kerry Wilson, Mr Derek Boylen and Mrs Andrea Musulin.  Please plan to join us and invite your family and friends to come along. Join us in the parish centre for a cuppa after the service.

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