Message from Fr Cyprian:

Good day, everyone! I take this opportunity to introduce to you our new parish youth ministers; Mr. Jonathon Laundy and Ms. Amanda Ratajczak from 24:7 Youth Ministry. These two young people will be taking care of our fortnightly youth group gathering for our  parish young people in years six to twelve. I urge us to get behind them and encourage our year 6 -12 children to join us every first and third Fridays of the month in the parish centre from 7pm. Jonathan and Amanda will also be running 3-4 rounds of Jesus And Me (JAM & miniJAM) per year for children in years 1-6. Sessions have been booked for May 29th, July 31st, October 30th and December 11th. I appeal for your personal support in this ministry to our young people. Please take an active role in supporting us. It all begins by encouraging and sending your children to us. Our youth ministers and I are readily available if we could answer any questions you may have. With many blessings and best wishes; Fr Cyprian Shikokoti – PP.

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