Message from Fr. Cyp

Greetings and Happy Birthday!

You’re surprised, right? Don’t be! This weekend we celebrate the solemnity of Pentecost and as has been the tradition, it is the celebration of the Church’s birth. Empowered by the Holy Spirit, the apostles and disciples leave Jerusalem with message of Good News of the resurrection of Jesus for the whole world; and there, the Church is born. The apostles are no longer confined in a locked room for fear of the Jews as we read on Easter Sunday. This year, the Catholic Church in Australia celebrates 200 years since the arrival of the first official chaplains to our shores; Rev Fr John Joseph Therry and Rev Fr Philip Connolly on 3rd May 1820. These two priests are accredited with establishing Catholic tradition in Australia. In light of Pentecost Sunday, these two priests brought the Catholic Church in Australia to birth and many more after them nurtured it. Catholic Bishops of Australia acknowledge with great humility that things haven’t been perfect over the last two hundred years. They are committed to learning from that history and set a better present and future of our Church. We call upon the Holy Spirit to guide them so they may be more prophetic and emphatic in the proclamation of the Good News of Jesus. Let us entrust our bishops, priests, religious men and women; and indeed the entire Catholic Church in Australia into the powerful intercessions of Our Lady Help of Christians and spouse of the Holy Spirit. 

Fr Cyprian Shikokoti – PP.

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