Message from Fr. Cyp

Greetings and peace to you.

It is truly beautiful and a great relief to be back to full capacity here at OLM, Whitford Parish. What has been a rather grim time seem to look even more encouraging; at least for us here in Western Australia. That in itself is a cause for sincere gratitude from one and all of us to almighty God for His enduring love and mercy. Nevertheless, it is not a time for us to let go of all relevant safeguards for a COVID-safe community. We recommit ourselves to complying with state and federal governments’ regulations for our personal safety and that of the wider community. Thank you for doing your bit and encouraging one another to do the same. As I have highlighted in my recent reflections, let us all continue to pray for better days ahead. We pray that this time next year, things will be well and brighter for us all; regardless of where we are now. Fr Francis and I remain grateful to one and all of you for your prayers, love and enduring support. You can as always, count on our daily prayers. We once again commend ourselves to the powerful intercession of our blessed Mother Mary, Queen of Apostles.

Fr Cyprian M Shikokoti – PP

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