Message from Fr. Cyp

Greetings and Peace to you all!

Father Francis and I welcome you all; praying and hoping we are all kept well, safe and in good health by the grace of God. We congratulate all our young people who have made their Confirmation in our parish over this passing month. May the Holy Spirit find a home in them, their families and in indeed, in every member of our Whitford Catholic Parish Community. We consciously remain on the path to some new sense of normality while remaining committed to federal and state governments’ advice and policies as well as advice from the Archbishop’s office in regards to COVID 19 RoadMap. This commitment is now more crucial as WA strong border has been relaxed from 14th November to a controlled border, allowing travellers from the eastern states to enter Western Australia; with no need of any form of quarantine for some. Advent and Christmas seasons are fast approaching and so a busy time in our parish. Whilst things can change very fast (hopefully not), we are on course to celebrate our Christmas Masses as always including Christmas Eve outdoor Mass at 06.00pm on the Oval. Please stay tuned to our parish weekly newsletter when we provide you relevant details. We look forward to celebrating with you and all your loved ones. As always, Fr Francis and I assure you of our ongoing prayers. Please keep us in yours. We commend one and all of you to the powerful intercession of Our Lady, Mother of Good Counsel.

Fr Cyprian M Shikokoti – PP.

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