Message from Fr. Cyp

Greetings and Happy New Year to you all!
Father Francis and I welcome you all; praying and hoping we are all kept well, safe and in good health throughout this New Year 2021. We consciously remain committed to federal and state governments’ advice and policies as well as advice from the Archbishop’s office in regards to COVID 19 RoadMap. This commitment is now more crucial as WA strong border has since been relaxed from 14th November to a controlled border, allowing travelers from the eastern states to enter Western Australia; with no need of any form of quarantine for some. However, we are required by law, as of 5th December 2020, to provide our contact details whenever we come to Church for Mass and other functions. This can be done in two ways: You have a SafeWA app installed on your smart phone and you scan yourself into Church using the QR code provided on Church doors and or on pews, OR You complete both sides of one of the Mass attendance cards provided in the pews. For weekday Masses and other functions, you will either use a QR code or fill your details in a WA Government’s Health Department form provided at the information desk. Fr Francis and I wish you and all your loved ones a truly blessed and safe New Year 2021. We are sincerely grateful for all your prayers, best wishes, support and generous gifts. As always, we assure you of our ongoing prayers. Please keep us in yours. We commend one and all of you to the powerful intercession of Our Lady, Mother of God. Happy New Year!
Fr Cyprian M Shikokoti – PP.

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