Message from Fr. Cyp

Shalom, dear people of God!

Father Francis and I welcome you all; praying and hoping we are all kept well, safe and in good health; in body and mind. We pray that this Lent period is a fruitful time of grace for you and all your loved ones. I ask of your special prayers and fraternal support to our RCIA catechumens and candidates who are to be baptised and received into our Parish Church Community this Easter. It is a big step they are making in these times. I also ask you to support our young people from our two parish primary schools and those in PREP enrolling and preparing for sacraments of initiation this year. It is certainly an exciting time for them, their families, teachers and the wider parish community. We pray that everything will go ahead as scheduled. We remain committed to state and federal governments’ direction in the ever-developing COVID 19 situation as well us direction from the Archbishop’s office. Rest assured we are doing our very best to keep OLM a COVID-Safe community. Fr Francis and I are sincerely grateful for all your prayers, best wishes and enduring support. As always, we assure you of our ongoing prayers. Please keep us in yours. We commend one and all of you to the powerful intercession of Our Lady, Our Blessed Mother and seat of Wisdom.

Fr Cyprian M Shikokoti – PP.

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