parish finance update and planned giving appeal

The Parish Finance Committee (PFC) is comprised of the following: Father Cyprian (Fr Cyp), Bob Fragomeni (Chairperson), Tamara McGougan, Ken White (Secretary), Austin Van, Sharon Milne and Matt Seaton. We assist Fr Cyp and the parish staff in the management of parish finances and resources. We would like to sincerely thank all of you who are part of our planned giving program and those who so generously contribute to our second collection every weekend. This is the main source of our income.

Last year was particularly difficult due to Covid-19 closures and the associated disruptions to our parish operations and of course the effect that this had on individuals and families who contribute to our planned giving program and second collection. We are very grateful to the government for the subsidies provided through job keeper and cash flow boost. Despite the hard times and reduction in parish income, we have still been able to complete some major projects that had been planned prior to the onset of Covid-19.

These included:

1. New security system with CCTV around the parish

2. Upgrade to church and parish centre internal doors in line with safeguarding protocols,

3. Creation of adoration space

4. Upgrade of parish office computer system,

5. Maintenance & line marking to parish centre car park, including additional disabled car bays.

6. Upgrade to lighting in and around church,

7. Decommissioning and disposal of old external evaporative aircon system from church.

8. Modifications to confessional rooms required due to safeguarding protocols

As we come to the end of this financial year, we want to appeal to those who may be considering joining our planned giving program. We understand that managing the family budget, or balancing one’s individual finances can be difficult. Our request is that you contribute whatever you’re able to afford without causing financial stress to yourself and your loved ones. Whatever you can commit will greatly assist us in planning for the 2021-22 financial year.

We are in the preliminary stages of planning major renovations to our parish centre that will include the reroofing of the courtyard and weatherproofing to enable this space to be a better functioning multipurpose facility. Works should commence in the months ahead once we secure relevant plans, Archdiocesan and Council approvals and quotes from builders. Further upgrading of facilities to the internal parish centre building is being considered for next year. In addition, maintenance and upgrade to the presbytery patio area are due to start this winter/spring time. The PFC has also been asked to consider providing baby-changing facilities, which is a good idea and supports our family-friendly parish community.

Although times are difficult, we are blessed to have a wonderful community that is supportive of the parish and the priests that serve us. By your generosity, we shall continue to support, through local missions, those who are in need and are struggling, especially during these challenging times. Please consider joining our planned giving program in one of the following ways:

1. Direct Debit: forms are at the back of church that can be completed and returned to the office for processing (Monday to Friday 9am – 4pm) or you can hand them to any of our priests when you come to Mass.

2. Planned giving envelopes: contact parish office (Monday to Friday 9am – 4pm) to register and be issued with your planned giving envelopes.

Thank you all for your continued generosity and support. God bless.

Planned Giving New Year: If you have been thinking of joining our planned giving program, now would be a good time to start as the new financial year starts on weekend of 3rd/4th July. If you join the parish planned giving program, then you are planning to support our parish financially. By committing to give your nominated amount, our parish finance committee are then able to plan for our upcoming projects and the day-to-day running of the parish. Kindly consider joining by filling in a form for direct debit or contact the parish office in the week.

Where does your money go? 1st Collection, Easter and Christmas Offering Envelope money goes to the support our parish priests’ living expenses. Every six months, an assessment is done by the Perth Catholic Church Office and a percentage of the 1st collection goes into supporting priests in smaller parish communities. 2nd Collection, planned giving envelopes and direct debit money is used to maintain our parish Church, parish centre, presbytery, pay parish office staff wages, bills, insurances, major parish projects and relevant council rates. You can join at any time by filling in a pledge card/form at the information desk.

NEW ENVELOPES 2021/2022: In keeping with our commitment to remaining a CovidSafe community, we have decided to send out your 2021-2022 planned giving envelopes to you by post. Please contact parish office if you don’t receive yours by end of June or if you want to sign up. We are grateful that you can continue to support the parish in its work. God bless you and yours.