Our Prayers this week will be offered for Michael Leso, Dang Thi Thai, Anne Suvaljko, Nelson Garma, Elizabeth Rivera, Ian Sandilands, Jan Carpenter, Prisca Siaga, Fr. John O’Reilley, Adam Carlyon, Matthew Wamei, Cecilia Cheng, Jack Rowley, Christopher Baig, Maria, Francis Xavier, Shirley & Joseph Whitehouse, Joseph Prabowo, Yongki, Prema Chrisostom Gooch, Roy, Isabel Moore, All Souls in Purgatory especially our deceased members, all those who have died in India, All Doctors, Nurses and Heath Care workers who have died from Covid-19, for all our departed loved ones, all Holy Souls, all victims of Covid-19, all those recently deceased and those who have their anniversary around this time.