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Bible Study: Come Alive In Scripture – Session 10 – Questions

Bible Study: Come Alive In Scripture – An exciting new program exploring the message of the Prophets will start on Tuesday 8th August for 10 weeks. For more information or to register please contact Ramona 0409317114 or There are also sign-up sheets at the back of the church. As foretold by Malachi, John the… Read more

Wedding Anniversary Mass 2017: Saturday 28th October (photos and Liturgy)

Wedding Anniversary Mass 2017:  Sat 28th October.  Couples celebrating their 20th/25th/30th anniversary, going up in multiples of five, are warmly invited to attend this year’s Mass and celebration in the Main Hall afterwards.  Register via the sign-up form at the back of the Church.  All couples will receive a certificate from the Parish, however a… Read more

Sick Parishioner or Family Member:

Sick Parishioner or Family Member:  Please don’t hesitate to let Fr Joe, Fr Truc, Donna Moxey or Parish office know.  Our priests or parish pastoral worker will be very happy to make a visit with blessings and/or prayers.