Our aim is to educate the children who do not attend Catholic Schools with a good basic knowledge of their faith. The classes are held every Thursday at Whitford Catholic Primary School and the Parish Centre from 4.00 to 5.00 pm. Enrolment is during third term and again before school starts. Notification of these dates will be published in the newsletter and the bulletin.

Contact: Brigid: or Parish Office 9307 2776


Firstly, a baptism information form needs to be completed before attending the preparation class. You are invited to come to one of our weekend Masses. A volunteer at the information desk will assist you after Mass. Then call our parish office to book into a preparation class which are held every second Thursday at 7:30 pm in our church for parents and godparents. Children of school age, to be baptised, also need to attend after their private instruction with our religious instructor is completed. The class involves reflection, questions are answered, the baptism day is rehearsed and planned and readings are chosen.

Contact: Parish Office: Mon – Fri 9am-4pm 9307 2776


This enables children aged from 4 – 8 years old to reach a better understanding of the Gospel Reading each Sunday. Children are taken into the meeting room at the start of the 9:30 am Mass and they return to church at the Offertory of the Mass.  Children under 4 need to be supervised by an adult.

Contact: Renee 0425 698 735 or Renee 0413 225 560


This group holds classes for you to learn about the scriptures through short courses which are usually held on a Tuesday evening.  Each course runs for about 10 weeks.

Contact: Carol 0419 948 411


Adoration takes place ever Wednesday and Friday immediately following 9am Mass and closes at 7pm. All are welcome to call in and spend this special time with Jesus, who is truly present here in Body, Soul and Divinity.  Our roster requires that you give one hour per week to sit with Jesus.  During Eucharistic Adoration, Jesus and the tabernacle cannot be left unattended at any time, hence the request for people to sit with Him for this one hour on a roster basis.  If you are willing to be on the roster and spend this special hour with Jesus, please see contact below.  Jesus will bless you and your family abundantly for this quiet time spent in his company.

Contact:  Eileen 0407 471 256 or 9402 2480


This prayer group meets immediately following 9.00am Mass on Wednesday mornings. Prayers consist of the Holy Rosary, invocation prayer to the Holy Spirit, prayers for the Pope’s intentions, a reading from the Blue Book “To the Priests – Our Lady’s Beloved Sons”, concluding with the Act of Consecration Prayer to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Contact: Eileen 0407 471 256 or 9402 2480


“May they all be one” (John 17-21). This is the ideal of the Focolare Movement. A passage of Scripture is chosen each month as a guideline for daily living, the commentary with this is called “Word of Life”. Please join us once a month for a cup of tea/coffee, read the “Word of Life” together, and relate your own experiences of trying to “Love one another as I have loved you” (John 13-34).

Contact: Kathy 9305 4264


The ‘Just Faith’ magazine is Our Lady of the Mission’s (Whitford Parish) FREE colour magazine, profiling parish people and parish activities.  It is published twice per year at Easter and Christmas.  You are invited to submit ideas and articles for possible publication.  We also warmly welcome feedback so that we can ensure we continually aim to publish content that is of interest to our readers.  If you are able to spare a few minutes of your time to provide feedback, please email us at with the subject ‘Just Faith feedback’.

Email: with the subject: Just Faith article

Contact: Rob 0410 989 825


This group meets every Tuesday in the Parish Centre at 1pm. Members are required to recite the Catena (prayer) every day, and are obliged to attend the weekly meetings. They should spend at least two hours each week on active work in pairs, e.g. visit the sick, housebound, elderly and bereaved; deliver birthday cards to children (up to four years old), who were baptised in the parish; visit parishioners on behalf of the parish priests on an ongoing basis; and generally assist the Parish Priest with any other work he may require from time to time. Membership is open to Catholic men and women over 18 years of age and we would be delighted to welcome new members.

Contact: Pat: 9401 4221


Celebrate Love is a two-day seminar consisting of workshops and reflective exercises designed to lead married couples in to a deeper intimacy with each other. The Seminars are held twice a year and there are a growing number of couples from this Parish who have participated.

For weekend dates and further information please contact the Parish Office

Contact: Brad and Mary: 9401 0596 or 0448 185 663


Embrace – Preparing to Live in Love. Each engaged couple receives individual instruction by a trained ‘Mentor’ couple, held over six sessions. Topics include: communication, forgiveness & reconciliation, family of origin, sexuality, spirituality and sacrament.

Contact: Fr Cyprian 0450 464 678; or Brad and Mary  9401 0596 or 0448 185 663


We follow Fr Justin’s style of meditations to help enhance our lives by freeing ourselves from the stresses, worries and angers that we hold in our bodies which cause all the depression and sickness we have in our lives. Working on being positive and focusing on all the good we have in our life enables us to find the person God knows we are, giving us the tools to take back our lives to live in good health, love and peace with ourselves, others and God.  We can take back our life and live in love and peace with ourselves and God.  Meditation is the key to survival in our modern world.  It is a private retreat, a key that unlocks the inner doorways to a deeper, inner peace.  It brings relaxation to the body, peace to the mind, and awakening to the soul, leaving you feeling great. Meeting in Mercyville Chapel on Mondays 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Contact: Mary 9401 5340


A group averaging around 15-20 people meet each Tuesday evening at 6:00 pm, in the Church, to pray the Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Succour.  This very powerful Novena which commenced in our Parish in 1983, continues to support the community in their times of need.  All welcome to attend.

Contact:  Shirley-Ann  0424 813 890


This small group reaches out to people with intellectual disabilities, through regular fortnightly meetings, so that they can be included in the life and liturgy of the parish.Volunteer advocates from our parish are linked on a one-to-one basis with a person with intellectual disabilities and through these relationships members of the group come to know and understand what it is to love and to be loved, to give and to receive, to forgive and to be forgiven. This is faith in action for both the volunteers and for the people with disabilities.

Contact: Sue 0410 418 023

PRAYER GROUP (Filipino and Friends)

This group meets fortnightly on Thursdays in the Parish Hall at 11:00 am- 2:00 pm to say the Rosary together and study scriptures to strengthen their faith. The group is involved with various community activities, especially pastoral activities. They also have a choir that sings in different church groups.

Contact: Noya 9246 7324


A process for preparing and welcoming new members into the Catholic Church. At the moment the group meet on Thursday evenings at 7.30pm in the Parish Centre during school term time. Committed, practising Catholics would be welcome as sponsors.

Contact: Tom 0417 997 254


This Ministry provides information on the Divine Mercy Chaplet and Messages and Praying for the sick and dying.  They also coordinate the Divine Mercy Feast Day Novena, which begins on Good Friday and culminates on the Feast of the Divine Mercy, held on the 2nd Sunday of Easter which is also known as Divine Mercy Sunday.

Contact: Clare 0410 289 725


Families within our Parish may have The Statue of Fatima in their homes for a week.  Our Lady’s Statue has graced the houses of parishioners for over 35 years travelling between Burns Beach and Karrinyup.  The Rosary is recited each day whilst The Statue is with the family.  A roster is prepared in advance and sent to families.  New families are more than welcome to be included on the roster.

Contact: Shirley-Ann  0424 813 890

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