Since its inception, Our Lady of the Mission has hosted hundreds of weddings. With a warm, friendly, welcoming atmosphere, and good acoustics, Our Lady of the Mission is a great locations to get married. Requirements for Weddings

Notice of Marriage

Church Law requires at least 3 months notice of marriage. Most couples give much more because of the reception.

Pastoral Preparation

This involves attendance at one of the Marriage Preparation Courses run by the Archdiocese, this is for all parties regardless of their different religious beliefs. Generally these are one day courses, very comprehensive and helpful to all long term relationships.

For more information, visit the Catholic Marriage and Fertility Services website.

Dispensation for Marriage

In case of a mixed marriage of religions, a dispensation from the local ordinary is required. making this application the non-Catholic party must consent to have children from this marriage baptised and brought up as Catholics.


Annulment is required for divorcees to get married in the Catholic Church.

Documents Required

  1. If born in Australia a Birth Certificate, not an extract, must be produced.
  2. The Catholic party/parties are required to produce a Copy of Baptism Certificate.

For more information, please enquire with the church office 9307 2776.