Our youth group for teens from years 6-12 meet ever 1st and 3rd Fridays fo the month 7-9pm. Join us for an evening of faith, friends, food and connecting with God. WYFi builds our youth to be the best version of themselves and learn that life with Christ is a wonderful adventure.  Our WYFi leaders are trained paid youth coordinators from the 24/7 Youth Ministry. olmwhitfords@gmail.com

Contact: Amanda 0421 144 992; Luke 0401 822 932; email: youth ministry247@outlook.com.au


For our gifted youth and yong adults who play musical instruments and sing.  We welcome you to join our choirs to pray through new and relevant music.

Contact:  Sunday Evening Mass: Nicole 0411 542 619; Tara 0424 205 011


This is an event based Youth Group for Primary school students in years 4, 5, & 6. We aim to introduce the relationship that Christ seeks to establish with young people; as well we engage kids in fun activities and lead them in praise and worship singing.  We aim running one event per school term.  We invite parents to take a leading role in advertising and supporting these events for our children.

Contacts: Mandy 0439 959 317; Amanda 0421 144 992; Luke 0401 822 932; and Emma 0405 181 196


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