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Welcome to Whitford Catholic Primary School. Our School caters for boys and girls up until Year 6 level. It is a systemic school responsible to the Archbishop of Perth through the Catholic Education Commission of Western Australia.

Whitford is a school concerned with people – teachers, children and parents – and together we have the privilege and responsibility of building a Christian community.

The emblem of our school incorporates waves, sand and birds – each of these are God’s gift of creation to us. The cross is also part of the emblem and this is a symbol of ourfaith and of our leader – JESUS.

Our school handbook has been drawn up to assist you to understand the organisation and work of this school. I would ask that you refer to it throughout the year whenever the need arises.

We, at Whitford Catholic Primary School, look forward to working hand in hand with you in the education of your children.

Steve O’Halloran – Principal

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