Mary MacKillop Statues

Mary McKillop Statue

The statue was made by Fr Joe’s friend from Vietnam.  His name is Chuong.  He became a sculpture and is married to My-Linh for the last 10 years.  Chuong and My- Linh couldn’t have any children of their own, since then they had adopted 24 children thereby setting up their orphanage.

Last year Fr Joe caught up with Chuong and asked him if he could help to make a Mary McKillop statue. Chuong told Fr Joe that he did not know who Mary McKillop was,  so how could he make her?  Fr Joe told Chuong the life story of St Mary and asked him to pray to her.  Fr Joe encouraged Chuong to pray to St Mary so that she would inspire him.  Chuong took a prayer card with the picture of the Saint from Fr Joe.  He went away and prayed to St Mary, Surely enough, six months later Chuong was inspired by St Mary McKillop to make the statue.  During the time Chuong sculptured the statue, a miracle was granted to Chuong and My-Linh, My-Linh fell pregnant. Chuong and his wife are now so fond of St Mary McKillop.  Recently Fr Joe received the great news from Chuong and My-Linh that they just had a baby boy.  Truly this is a beautiful miracle story of our Australian Saint Mary McKillop.

Fr Joe’ dream is for every family to have a Mary MacKillop statue in their home to honour her and ask her for intercessions.

A great gift for someone you Love – Also, now available in colour.  For more information on purchasing a Mary MacKillop Statue, please contact the parish office on 9307 2776, or email the office via our contact page.