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Welcome to Our Lady of the Mission Parish! If you’re new to the area we’d love to see you at mass, at one of our affiliated schools, or at our events.

Mass Times

There are five weekend Masses at Our Lady of the Mission, Whitfords. There are also a further 10 weekday masses during the week, and a Sunday morning mass. There are also weekly opportunities for Reconcilliation. See the information in the side-bar, or visit the page for mass timetables.

Parish Groups

Our Lady of the Mission, Whitford, supports and is supported by a large number of groups. These include Faith Development groups, community support groups, youth groups, social and craft groups, parish services groups and overseas mission support groups and programs. Please see the section of groups for more information.

Information Desk

If you’re new, visit our Information Desk (near the piety goods stall) after Mass. Our volunteers will give all new parishioners a sample bag with parish goodies. They can assist you with any enquiries regarding our parish.

Blue Information Book

Also, don’t forget to grab one of the Blue Information Books. This book highlights all the ministries withing the parish.


Padbury Catholic Primary School
Although Padbury Catholic Primary School is not physically attached to a parish, they are a part of the parish of Whitford – Our Lady of the Mission Church. Information on how to contact the school can be found on the contact page.

Padbury Catholic Primary School serves the area of Padbury and other surrounding suburbs within close proximity to the school. It is a co-educational Catholic primary school catering for approximately 500 students from K-6. Padbury is not attached physically to a parish. The Parish Priest and Assistant Priest of Our Lady of the Missions Parish, Craigie, minister to the Padbury Catholic School Community. The school is owned by the Archbishop of the Diocese of Perth and he in turn delegates the employing authority to the Principal, in consultation with the School Board acting under the approved CECWA Western Australian School Board Constitution and subject to relevant CECWA policies. Lay Principals are appointed by the Bishop of the Diocese.

Whitford Catholic Primary School
Whitford Catholic Primary School caters for approximately 510 students in a double-stream co-educational K-6 community.

The school is situated in the same grounds as Our Lady of the Mission Church and Meeting Hall, in the North Western suburb of Craigie.

It was opened in 1978 and up to and including 1995, both Principals were Sisters of Mercy. In 1996 the first lay Principal was appointed to Whitford Catholic Primary School. The school grew rapidly as the northern corridor developed, but has now finished its major building programme. There is still a strong demand for places in the school.

Of the 14 classrooms, 12 have full-time teachers while 2 classrooms have 2 teachers each in a tandem situation. A full-time Physical Education teacher and a Teacher-Librarian are employed. Part-time staff operate in the following programmes:

Remedial Support, Music, Italian and Computer Studies, Social Work.

The First Steps Programme for Language (Spelling, Oral, Reading and Writing) has been completed as has the Primary Investigation Science Programme.
The Upbeat Music Programme, K-6 has been part of the school curriculum for a number of years. The Computer Lab was upgraded with 32 dual core PCs in January 2010. Computers can be found throughout the school with Interactive Whiteboards featuring in classrooms and the library.

There is a new gymnasium (opening in May 2010) as well as a beautiful oval. The school has a Mazda Coaster bus which is used to transport students on various excursions.
The parents are actively involved in the school as helpers with classroom related activities (reading, writing and the Perceptual Motor Programme) or in the formal structures within the School Organisation (School Board, Parents & Friends Association and Pre-Primary Parents Group and Class Parent Representatives).

2 thoughts on “New Parishioners

  1. Good morning,
    We would like to become parishioners of Our lady of the mission. We looked for some information today after mass but couldn’t locate any.
    Many thanks,
    Michelle Greene

    1. Hi Michelle,
      Please go to the table at the back of the church. There should be some parishioners there who will be able to give you some information. Welcome to our Parish

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